To all of our Bankes Boats Customers and Friends,

We are officially announcing our retirement

I started building Skiffs for the hunting clubs around Long Point Bay in 1968 and it has been very rewarding to see our family business prosper and grow into the Bankes Boats line of hunting boats we have today. We sincerely want to thank our customers, friends and business partners for all your support and loyalty to our products over the years. While it is difficult to stop doing something you love to do, we hope to find some one with the passion to carry on production of our line of boats. Please contact us by phone or email if you have an interest in discussing the future production of the boats.

Ron Bankes
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Open Water Duck Boats
25' Titan
Bankes Boats is proud to present the all new 25' Titan. If you are a hard core big water hunter or a professional guide we can custom build this boat to suite your needs. We think this is the Ultimate boat to hunt with 6 or 7 people comfortably and safely. Let us show you the Titan. When you have seen all it’s features of design and function, I am sure you will agree The Titan is the Ultimate duck boat for you.

The Titan is designed and built using the Bankes exclusive Reverse Tunnel Chine design, or RTC for short, proven on all our boats from the 14' Dominator up to the 25' Titan. The RTC design gives you a smoother drier ride as the bow has a sharp V entry to slice through the waves and transitions to a flat running pad surface which blends into the rounded reverse chines. The reverse chines running the full length turn the spray back down keeping your hunting party dry and warm. This purpose built design enhances tracking and cornering ability giving you safe and predictable handling in all sea conditions from extreme shallow water to big open water. Like all Bankes Boats the set back, notched transom design allows us to mount the engine higher for better efficiency. Backing up to retrieve downed birds and decoys is quicker and drier than with old fashioned flat across transoms. Like all our boats the 25' Titan is 100 % Hand Laid Fibreglass built one at a time, in our own shop, with a crew that has over 100 years of combined experience. This ensures the quality and fit and finish of the boats is second to none. These are some of the many hull design features that set the Bankes 25' Titan apart from other duck boats and make it a truly outstanding duck boat.

We loaded the inside of the boat with all the features you need as well. The inside, or interior of the boat is all molded fibreglass, giving the boat a double hull style of construction. It is completely foam filled in between the two hulls, making the boat un sinkable. The foam also acts as an insulator, to keep the cold out and the warm in, as well as making it very quite to run. The molded fibreglass inner hull virtually eliminates any maintenance. You will never need to paint it, and there is nothing to rot out, just hose it out and you are ready to go. The flat and level floor has molded in non skid surface to give you safe footing and grip. There are no ribs in the floor, and being flat and straight there is nothing for you to trip over and no were for dirt to collect. There are two sets of decoy shelfs running the entire length of the cockpit, giving you plenty of storage room down the sides of the boat. There is also storage under the front deck and under the motor well of the boat for the rest of your gear, along with some storage room inside the consol. The 25' Titan comes standard with front and side decoy curtains, navigation lights, bilge pump, 39 gallon fuel tank with remote deck fill and gas gauge, side mounted consol with rack and pinion steering, waterproof, electrical panel with breakers, two cockpit lights, two 12 volt receptacles, and wiring and battery switch for dual batteries. We’ve also molded in a rear transom door to make getting in and out of the boat much easier. You might say it comes with everything but the kitchen sink, but even that can be added if you’d like. We can customize your boat any way you may need, just ask. Complete boat motor trailer packages are available along with other options that include hydraulic jack plates, hydraulic steering, under deck lighting, and custom motor paint jobs to match the boat. The blind package we offer slides into tracking that runs along the sides of the deck, so there are no snaps to worry about breaking. You can easily put it on the boat and set it up even with gloves on. You can put it on in the fall and take if off for the summer so it’s not in your way. The blind can be left on the boat and set up while running as well as rolled down and secured on the boat for transport and storage. Once you are ready to hunt the blind can be quickly and easily un rolled and set up. Made with a heavy duty aluminum frame and fittings and 1000 denier cordura nylon the blind is made to last and each blind is custom fitted before delivery to the customer. All fittings and bars are power coated black to ensure there is no glare and to act as an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

As you have seen the Bankes 25' Titan has it all, shallow water draft, stability, seaworthiness, lots of storage room for your decoys and other gear and the ability to hide the boat and shoot out of it. This really is a versatile duck boat. As mentioned this boat is purpose built for the duck hunter and is the result of over 30 years of continuos refinement of design. Feature for feature, quality, design and safety set the Titan apart from all other boats and really does make this the Ultimate duck Boat.

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21' Goliath
The Ultimate Duck Boat has arrived on the market. Whether you’re a guide, outfitter, or just someone that has a need to hunt 5 or more guys you’re going to want to check this boat out. At 21' 6" long by 7 1/2' wide it truly is a Goliath. Decades ahead of the competition The Goliath is all hand laid fiberglass with a Kevlar re-enforced bow, and it contains no wood to rot or maintain. Being the only Duck Boat on the market to utilize true three piece construction ensures you a long maintenance free lifetime. The interior of the boat is molded the same way as the hull is, then permanently fiber glassed together and injected with foam flotation. We are the only duck boat company on the market today to use this type of technology. This ensures you not only a quite, warm ride, but a truly safe one as well. Speaking of safety, The Goliath utilizes the same “ RTC “ ( Reverse Tunnel Chine ) technology as the rest of our line up, giving you a smooth dry ride with no bone jarring pounding like some other boats ! All of this and it still only draws 6" - 8" of water. The inside of the boat is configured with decoy shelves that run down the entire length of the cockpit, upper shelves for all your smaller items, dry storage under the front deck, a side mounted consol with dry storage inside of it, and a permanently mounted 25 Gallon fuel tank with deck fill & gauge. The boat also comes standard with dual battery boxes, complete with a selector switch, Decoy Curtains, Rack and Pinion Steering, 2000 GPH Bilge Pump, Navigation Lights, Interior Lights, 12 Volt Receptacle, and a bilge blower to exhaust any fumes before you start the boat. All of this is controlled by dual electrical panels placed at your fingertips on the consol. We also designed a blind and had it tailor made just for this boat, ensuring a proper fit. The blind can be set up in numerous different configurations giving you the flexibility to change and adjust to the weather conditions or the birds. It even comes with a rain roof, for those really nasty days. We have constructed the blind entirely of 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon with 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum support bars, and are offering it to you in either Mossy Oak Shadow Grass, or Military Style camo painted to match your boat. It quickly & easily attaches around the outside of the boat and can be left on the boat while you pick up your decoys, chase cripples, or even strapped down and left on for transport. As you may well imagine a boat of this magnitude can be equipped with a wide array of options, and we are more than happy to accommodate any specific needs you may have. Call today to find out how we can help you.

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19' Crusader
The new Bankes 19' Crusader is here! This is the perfect boat for anyone that needs to hunt 4 + people, but doesn't need or want a big boat as big as our 21' Goliath. If you have been looking for a boat a little bigger than our 17' Freedom, to take you to your more remote hunting spots, away from everyone else, then this boat is for you. At 19'5" long, and with a 7 1/2' beam, not only will the Crusader get you there and back again, but it will keep you dry and safe along the way. It offers plenty of storage space inside the boat, with 2 side decoy storage area's, a shelf above the decoy storage area's for your smaller items, as well as a large front storage area and dry storage inside the steering console. The 7 1/2' beam gives you a very stable and seaworthy boat. The traditional decked over design helps to make the boat easy to hide. designed and built with our now famous RTC Hull Design, the 19' Crusader is a great performer. A smooth and dry ride can be expected, along with a quick to plane and easy to handle boat. The boats reverse transom allows you to back up at higher speeds, and through waves, to pick up your decoys faster and easier. The flat boarding pads at the rear of the boat make getting in and out easier for both you and your dog. it also comes standard with our uniquely designed side mounted console, offering you a great driving position that lets you comfortably drive the boat, and has enough room to mount all of your gauges and electronics.

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17' Freedom
Imagine the Freedom......The Freedom to go where you want to go, when you need to go. The Freedom to know the boat you are about to go out in has actually been tested by the U.S. Coast Guard, and far exceeds all of their requirements. The Freedom to chase Sea Ducks, or go Layout Hunting one day, and then tuck into the marsh to go after some mallards the next day. Thanks to it's amazing 5" draft partnered with the Bankes Exclusive R.T.C. Hull Design you can do all of this safely, comfortably, and remain dry! The Freedom to know the boat you are purchasing has been hand built just for you, right in our own factory by a dedicated team of craftsmen and fellow Duck Hunters. We know the demands you place on your duck boat, that's why we hand lay the entire boat, selecting only the best materials. We take extra precautions, such as re-enforcing the bow stem with Kevlar for added insurance, eliminating and building without any wood in the boat, ensuring your investment will be around for your kids to enjoy, molding in the camo gel coat, so it won't wear off, and building the boat using three piece style construction, meaning the entire inside of the boat is a separate molded fiberglass liner, giving you molded in non-skid on the floor that won't wear off, and making the inside of the boat just as maintenance free and durable as the outside. As a matter of fact we are the only duck boat on the market with a complete molded interior liner! The Freedom to know that after more than 35 years of building duck boats we did more than just focus on the construction of the boat, we jamb packed it full of useful and innovative features. Features such as; dual shelving running down the entire length of both sides of the cockpit, allowing you to easily store four dozen decoys on the lower shelves and still have plenty of room for all your other gear on the upper shelves. Decoy curtains running in between the two shelves to keep your things where you put them. A unique swing away rear seat that provides you with a comfortable and safe driving position that swings out of your way and into a storage area when it comes time to hunt. Features such as a molded in bilge area, the keep any water that may get in the boat in one place, and not running all over the floor. We have also provided you with lots of room for 2 five gallon gas tanks, so you can go wherever the ducks take you, and an ample front storage area for everything else. The Freedom to know we designed a blind and had it tailor made just for The Freedom, ensuring a proper fit. The blind can be set up any number of different ways, and even comes with a rain roof and motor cover. We have constructed the blind entirely of 1000 Denier Rip Stop Cordura Nylon with 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum support bars, and are offering it to you in either Mossy Oak Shadow Grass, or Military Style Camo painted to match your boat. All this and the blind sets up quickly and easily. Now stop imaging The Freedom to have all this at a very competitive price and call or stop by your nearest dealer to check out the possibilities for yourself!

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14' Dominator
The next generation of boat blind has arrived. The all new Bankes 14" Dominator is here! We started from the ground up to bring you a duck boat for the 21st Century. A boat that reflects the needs and demands of the modern hunter. The hunting pressure on today's birds demand that you go further and get into places others can't. The Dominator only draws 4-5 inches of water, so you can get into places you thought were impossible.It's unique reverse transom design pushes mud, cattails, ice, etc., away from the boat ensuring you can get out with ease. The hull has been designed with the Bankes exclusive R.T.C. ( reverse tunnel chine) hull design that turns spray down keeping you dry, even in the worst of conditions.

It's sharp "V" bow slices through waves giving you a superior ride as well as parting natural vegetation, making the boat easier to hide and causing less damage to the marsh. The "V" in the bow turns into a flat bottom, giving you excellent shallow water capabilities. The R.T.C. hull design allows us to have a smooth flat bottom, with no strakes or keels, and still maintain the best cornering and handling of any duck boat on the market. This also means if you get stuck on a mud flat or the tide goes out there is nothing to dig in, making the boat easier to push. With it's "V" shaped bow the boat has excellent ice breaking capabilities, and we even reinforced it with Kevlar ® to make sure it was bullet proof! The interior liner in the boat has allowed us to construct the Dominator in a very unique way. The boats are completely foam filled, right up to the deck, and all the foam is sealed behind the liner so it will never get wet or deteriorate. This unique process has also allowed us to get the maximum amount of foam in the boat. In fact when tested at the US Coast Guard testing facility in Maryland 6600 lbs was put in The Dominator, and it was still afloat.

There's plenty of room inside the boat for two people, a dog and all your gear. A dual shelving system runs down each side of the cockpit, and provides decoy storage on the lower shelf, leaving the top shelf free for your guns, radio, shells and anything else you may need. Each shelf runs the entire length of the cockpit, almost 9' long, giving you over 35' of shelving in the boat. Decoy curtains between the shelves are a standard feature, ensuring your decoys will stay put! A dry storage area is provided in the bow, for your life jackets, anchors, etc., as well as storage room in the rear for two 5 gallon fuel tanks, and a bilge area for the water, which keeps it off the cockpit floor. The Dominator has a complete molded interior liner, meaning that the inside of the boat was made the same way as the outside, and not just slapped together with some plywood, screws and gel coat. This interior liner has allowed us to manufacture a boat with no wood in it to rot or maintain as well as giving you a full flat floor with molded in non skid that won't wear off, so you can be sure you'll have good footing when you stand up to take your shot. We also incorporated a unique rear driving seat that swings into the storage area when not in use, so it's not in your way while hunting. It keeps you in the boat where you belong, not perched on the coaming where one wrong move could send you overboard. This seat, unique to Bankes Boats, is standard equipment because we feel you can't put a price tag on your safety. Other standard features include; molded in non skid on the bow to make boarding easier, a pebble finish on all surfaces to reduce glare, military style camo right in the gel coat, not painted on afterwards, so it won't scratch off, interior light, two 12 volt receptacles, 500 gph bilge pump, battery tray, nylon grassing rails, waterproof electrical panel, navigation lights, as well as a long list of other amenities and features. Optional equipment includes a locking fiberglass hard top cover and blind package. The blind is made from 1000 Denier rip stop cordura nylon, with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum frames. Designed to be set up quickly and easily. The blind attaches to the perimeter of the boat by sliding into a unique track, eliminating the need for snaps which can come undone and need replacing as the years go by. In addition by attaching all around the boat you don't have to worry about setting something on the deck and having it roll off into the water, it stays safe and sound right were you left it! The blind can be set up numerous different ways to suit your needs, set up as a top shooter you will have all four sides up, and the top open in order to stand up and shoot out of. In nasty weather you can change to the side shooter by dropping one side and adding a roof to keep you warm and dry. This also works great for mallard hunting or on those later season birds that just don't want to come into traditional blinds. And in another Bankes exclusive you can choose which side you want to shoot from when you set up the roof. Because with a Bankes Boat you get more choices and the best value.

The blind comes with grassing loops sewn in place so you can easily add you own natural vegetation, and is available in Advantage Wetlands® or Military style camo painted to match the boat. With so much versatility and value you owe it to yourself to check out The Dominator before you make your next purchase. Give us a call or stop by your nearest dealer and see for yourself what makes this the hottest new boat of the 21st Century.

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